Charlotte Hornets unveil honeycomb court (Photo)


The Charlotte Bobcats are no longer as they’ve been replaced by the Charlotte Hornets this offseason and the uniform wasn’t the only thing to get a makeover. Obviously no longer able to use their former court, the Hornets franchise updated their hardwood and it’s pretty damn awesome.

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Most NBA teams try not to go overboard with their court, at most usually using two different types of wood to create a unique design (unless you’re the Toronto Raptors and create optical illusions on the baseline) but the Charlotte Hornets took things up a notch with their recent unveiling.

So what does the new court look like? Well, in addition to sporting the team colors (teal, white, navy), the entire playing surface is covered in a honeycomb.

Normally this might sound a bit eccentric as we’ve seen a handful of college teams attempt similar configurations which didn’t look so hot, but this actually came out looking pretty good. Relatively easy on the eyes, the honeycomb pattern looks more like it’s simply the wood design more than it does as if the Charlotte Hornets were attempting to make it seem like “OH HONEYCOMB”.

Of course, while the floor ended up looking pretty sweet, it doesn’t seem the fan reaction is as strong regarding their new jerseys which seemed to draw a significant amount of backlash. Of course, not all of that was their fault since their new uniforms seemed to open up advertising space – something a lot of fans appear to have issue with.