World Cup, Brazil vs Chile results: Neymar, Brazil advance on PKs


Brazil and Chile opened up the 2014 World Cup “Round of 16,” one of two pairings in this round between South American teams in this round. In total, five South American teams made it to the knockout rounds.

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Chile got past defending champions Spain to exit their group to get into the “Round of 16,” where they meet host nation and heavy favorites Brazil.

A tough pairing, but not one that has discouraged the Chileans who were confident that they could get past Brazil. In fact, they seemed to be more worried about referee Howard Webb being swayed and pressured into making favorable calls for Brazil by a heavily Brazilian crowd.

In reality, the Chileans needed to worry about themselves shooting themselves in the foot. The Chileans found themselves down a goal 18 minutes into the game and it looks like it was a result of their own mistakes rather than Brazil’s goal scoring prowess.

A corner kick went into the box and was headed towards the back post and an awaiting David Luiz. It looks like Chile’s Gonzalo Jara tries to get a foot on it to knock it away, but instead knocks it in on goal.

Chile got moment to equalize later in the first half on a Brazilian error. A throw-in pass in their defensive third was short and the intended recipient, Hulk, was a little nonchalant getting to the ball.

That allowed Eduardo Vargas to get in front of him intercepting the pass. He passed it into the 18-yard box where a Brazilian defense was scrambling to recover and the ball found Alexis Sánchez, who was able to slip it past Júlio César along the far post.

And the game was tied going into the break, both goals as a result of mistakes and errors on each team’s part.

Early in the second half it looked like Brazil was in control of the match, and Fernandinho got a quality scoring opportunity from distance but put the ball wide of the mark.

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Minutes later there was a very controversial moment in the game. In the 55th minute it looked like Brazilian forward Hulk was able to bring the ball down and get it under control before booting it past the goal keeper into the back of the net.

Hulk took off celebrating and the score updated on the television as Chilean players pleaded with Howard Webb to call the hand ball. Eventually referee Webb did call the hand ball, taking the goal away and showing Hulk the yellow card.

All to the objections of Hulk and his Brazilian teammates.

Moments after this, Chile were on the offensive again and got a quality shot at goal that César pushed just wide of the goal. They couldn’t get a goal or an opportunity on the ensuing corner kick.

As the second half started to wind down, with the score still tied at one, Brazil began to get more and more chances on offense and it looked like Chile was white-knuckling the end of the game.

The Brazilians got chance after chance and perhaps none better than Hulk’s in the 83rd minute.

From almost the same position his earlier “goal” occurred, he got around a defender and booted it on goal. Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo was able to get a hand on it to knock it wide and keep the score tied.

At the beginning of stoppage time, Chile was on the attack in the final third, but were consistently being swarmed by the Brazilian defense. The game ultimately went to extra time, the first extra time of the tournament in the first game with extra time as an option.

At the start of extra time there was a controversial moment when Bravo was bringing in a ball, and Brazilian Jô was coming in to try and bring it under control. Jô was shown a yellow card for the challenge and might have gotten lucky, his leg was extended and he went studs first towards Bravo’s torso.

At the end of the second period of extra time, Mauricio Pinilla created a scoring opportunity by outmuscling the defender. Pinilla ripped the shot and it hit the cross bar, otherwise he would’ve given Chile the win in the waning moments of extra time.

With the game still tied at the end of extra time we went to penalty kicks. The first time in this tournament as well.

Brazil kicked first and David Luiz stepped up to take it. The keeper went right and Luiz went left to take an early lead in penalties.

Mauricio Pinilla stpped up to the spot for Chile went slightly to the right, Brazil’s goalkeeper, César, was able to make the save giving Brazil an early advantage.

Willian was up next for Brazil, he got the keeper to guess wrong but missed the goal. Chile’s Alexis Sánchez took the next shot for Chile and was again thwarted by César.

Brazil’s Marcelo, guilty of the own goal in the World Cup opening game, took the third shot. He went right and so did Chilean goal keeper Claudio Bravo. Bravo got some fingers on it but couldn’t stop the shot.

Charles Aránguiz stepped up to take the next shot and rocketed it into the top right corner. César didn’t even really move towards it, must’ve thought the ball was going over the ball.

Hulk stepped up next for Brazil going low and right. Bravo got his body in front of it to stop the shot and keep Chile’s hopes alive.

Marcelo Díaz scored on his next shot, keeping Chile in it.

Brazilian superstar Neymar stepped up to the spot for the fifth kick. He took a slow approach, went low and to the left and found the back of the net.

Gonzalo Jara took the fifth kick for Chile with it all on the line. He went right and beat the keeper but hit the post. It ricocheted across the goal but never went in giving Brazil the win.

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