Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from September 17


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Another day closer to the end of the year and judging by the top fantasy baseball stats that are being produced on a daily basis, the players seem to be showing no signs of tiring.

We start with the star from one of the most offensively explosive games of the season.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats MVP

Charlie Blackmon — Colorado Rockies

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I suppose Blackmon could have stolen a base, but he really couldn’t have done more for the Rockies or his fantasy owners on Wednesday. Blackmon had been slumping heading into this game. He’s been very streaky but when the season ends, he’ll be one of the nicest overall sleepers of the 2014 season, with 20 homers and 30 steals a distinct possibility.

This goes to show you how different blowouts can be. When the Dodgers beat the Giants 17-0 on Saturday, they had nobody on the day’s top fantasy baseball stats recap. It was more of a balanced attack. On Wednesday, the Rockies put up 16 runs on the Dodgers and produced the day’s top performer. Something tells me we’ll see another Rockies player on this list.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats Honorable Mentions

1. Justin Morneau — Colorado Rockies

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Yup, Colorado player No. 2 on the list, and Morneau probably would have made the list if he was pulled after the first inning. If you had Carlos Frias on your fantasy team, your rotation took a hit — a big hit.

Morneau definitely highlights the depth of the first base position. He’s missed some time this year but can still hit. When you get that, along with Coors Field, good numbers are going to happen.

2. Carlos Carrasco — Cleveland Indians

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Carrasco’s day was very similar to what Andrew Cashner and Jake Arrieta did on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. Those Rockies hitters were just a little too good, but Carrasco was completely dominant. Adam Wainwright and Jeff Samardzija were both great, as well, but Carrasco was too good against the Astros.

Carrasco has been a little hot and cold, but has had some moments of absolute brilliance in September. Actually, he now has a 2.65 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, and a little more than one strikeout an inning this year. That’s dealing.

3. Steve Pearce — Baltimore Orioles

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The Orioles might have clinched the division on Tuesday, but Pearce was not about to slow down on Wednesday. Most other days this season, Pearce would have been the daily MVP, but it was not to be today. Still, he couldn’t have done much more for fantasy owners.

Pearce has been a nice surprise for the Orioles this year, helping them make up for the overall ineffective play (and now suspension) from Chris Davis. He’s now homered in consecutive games.