Man reading Maria Sharapova story isn’t aware she’s sitting behind him (Photo)

So picture this – you’re sitting on an airplane, bored out of your mind, reading a story about tennis superstar Maria Sharapova.

Sounds like a plausible scenario, right?

Well, what if she just so happens to be sitting behind you and snaps a picture of you reading the story, only to follow that up by tweeting out the photo to her 1.27 million followers?

That’s exactly what happened to some unsuspecting man who seemed completely unaware that he was not only flying on the same plane as Maria Sharapova, but was sitting just feet from her.

There hasn’t been a follow up tweet from Sharapova so we don’t know if she decided to break the news to the unsuspecting fan or if she kept quiet in her seat, clearly getting enjoyment out of the fact that she had yet to be recognized.

Given her glee, I’m guessing she decided to keep it a secret.

Many of Maria Sharapova’s followers on Twitter have now launched a campaign to find out who the mystery man is and if he was made aware that the tennis star was sitting in the row right behind him. So far they haven’t had any luck, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop trying.

If somebody does recognize the unsuspecting man and he still isn’t aware that Maria Sharapova was just a seat behind him, that’s enough reason to go home and cry in your pillow for a week or two.

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