Virginia Tech fans troll Ohio State with new t-shirts

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According to, fans of the Virginia Tech football team are selling commemorative shirts in honor of the team’s victory over national champion Ohio State back in September.

Are you a fan of the Virginia Tech Hokies? Finding it difficult to enjoy last night’s National Championship game victory for the Ohio State Buckeyes over the Oregon Ducks? It was a rough NCAA football season for the Hokies. However, there is a solution to your despair. Yes, even fans of a 7-6 team can feel like winners because a few fans over at are selling t-shirts commemorating the team’s 35-21 victory back on September 6th, 2014 over the reigning champions of the college football world.

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Does it matter that if these two teams met this coming Sunday (or at any point after their initial game for that matter) Ohio State would likely put up 60+ on them? Does it matter that second-string quarterback, J.T. Barrett was in his second game as a starter for the team and surrounded by an inexperienced offensive line? Of course not. History only remembers the result, not the circumstances. And the Hokies actually beat the Buckeyes by two scores, in their own house.

The only question remaining is how far down the ladder does this go? When can we expect to see Wake Forest national champion shirts? “We beat the team that beat the CFB Playoff champs!” This might give Miami a little ammunition too. They did, after all, hand Virginia Tech their worst loss of the season, 30-6, on October 23rd. Not to mention, the Hurricanes are still unhappy (to say the least) with the end result of the 2003 National Championship game. Want to make an enemy on the Columbus campus quickly? For all incoming freshman just yell “pass interference” at the top of your lungs and see what happens. Better yet, bring a yellow flag and wait about five seconds after throwing it to say the phrase.

In all seriousness, this is a pretty funny trolling job by a few fans from Va Tech, who in all likelihood are happy to see that the team their school beat went on to win the sport’s biggest prize. Good news for Hokie fans: next season they have a chance to prove that last year was no fluke. OSU is scheduled to meet them again, this time in the season opener and likely with the No. 1 overall ranking heading in. Oh, and the game is in Blacksburg this time. Should be interesting to watch.

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