Great trick free kick fools Arsenal ladies soccer team


Arsenal ladies got undone by a very clever trick free kick at the hands of Notts County ladies

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Who says ladies football is dull? The Notts County ladies team proved that theory wrong with a very clever free kick that’s clearly been worked on at training. There’s nothing better than when a product of training come off, and there’s nothing funnier than when they make a mistake and it goes horribly wrong. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans, this is an example of hard work paying off.

The Arsenal ladies were duped in to believing their opponents had fumbled up their run, but it was all part of a clever rouse that worked like a charm. The Notts County ladies had a ‘dummy’ runner approach the ball and then stop as if there was a mistake in the routine. However a second player then rolled the ball to a third, and she spun on it and finished superbly. The best part of the video is the reaction from the Arsenal players when they realize “Oh shit, it’s a trap”.

It really is a fantastic product from the training ground but as we all know, it’s not the first time something like this has worked on a soccer field. Here’s another example of a great training ground free kick working in a big game.

As you can see, it’s not only the women who can plan ahead. This male footballers used the same tactics to fool their opponents, and it had the same result; a fantastic goal.

Well done to Notts County Ladies team for a very well worked free kick!

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