The LeBron 14 “Chase Down” aka “Black Ice” Releases This Week


LeBron James officially debuted his new 14s by Nike on Christmas day against Golden State.

While you may or may not remember that seminal moment, let me remind you just how ugly those overdone original 14s were.

via Nike

Yes. That, my friends, is one putrid looking sneaker. I don’t care whose name is attached to it. Michael Jordan could hand deliver these to my house and I’d kindly ask him to fly back to Oregon and fetch me a pair of black Jordan IVs instead.

Seriously, was it really necessary to use so many god damn colors? The shoe honestly looks like a fan submission.

Thankfully, though, the LeBron 14 “Chase Down” (as Nike is calling it) or LeBron 14 “Black Ice” (as everyone else is calling it) takes a dramatic turn from those atrocities.

Take a look:

via Nike

The icy sole married with the clean black and white combo is a formula that’s basically impossible to screw up.

via Nike

The “LJ” and “23” on the insoles are a nice touch but right here is by far and away my favorite subtle accent:


“Just a kid from Akron.”

Now that’s awesome.

And judging from the photos, it looks like that infamous quote is stitched both behind the tongue and on the inside of the heel.


It’s somewhat surprising that Nike doesn’t include either image on their own page that features the shoe, as it’s definitely a subtlety that will cause many emotional Cavs fans to begin weeping, but whatever.

It’s there and it’s great.


I could absolutely do without the black and white shoelaces, which just feel like an unnecessary interruption in the look, but otherwise these are pretty phenomenal.

Again, much like the insoles, I’m loving the alternating “LJ” and “23” on the loops of the tongues.

According to HypeBeast, this shoe will release at select Nike retailers on Saturday, January 28. More details on which retailers can be found here.

However, several other sneaker sites are misleading readers by saying it will also be available on that same day, which is patently false.

It’s right here in black and white:

Anyway, the shoe will retail for $175.

If you’re not feeling this one though, look for this version of the 14 to be up next:




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