The Air Jordan 1 Retro “High OG Royal” Makes Its Triumphant Return This Weekend


The Air Jordan 1 is making a long-awaited, glorious return this weekend in “Varsity Blue” leather along with Nike Air branding which, together, pretty much makes this shoe a guaranteed lock to sell out in less than five minutes.

I don’t care what the quantity is, it’s a goner. Especially because it’s been four years since the last release of the retro Royal 1s.

So make sure your 16 different devices are all juiced up to 100% on Saturday morning because this release would absolutely suck to miss out on.

Thanks to RISE For Flint, who will be auctioning off 24 pairs this weekend, come some amazing photos of these divine sneakers that might be just a little too sleek to ever put on your feet.

via RISE For Flint

They honestly almost seem better suited for a bulletproof case to be put on display at the MoMa, ideally hung from the ceiling in dramatic fashion for all to admire.

OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

Although after seeing the following closeup, maybe not.

via RISE For Flint

Well god damn.

Sure, it’s only March, but I have no doubt this will end up being a Top 5 Jordan release of 2017.

As for the aforementioned “Nike Air” branding, it’s visible on the tongue as well as the insoles, something that has likely already sent countless sneakerheads into a week long tizzy.

via RISE For Flint

Yup, there’s a good chance I’ll actually be purchasing two pairs — one for my feet and one for my hands.

via Nike


The High OG Royal release date is set for April 1 (this coming Saturday) at 10 am RIGHT HERE on and they’ll be going for $160.

They’ll also be gone in less than 160 seconds, so good luck with that brave mission.

Additionally, this release will be coinciding with the launch of Air Jordan XXXIs that house the same color scheme.

There’s only one relatively crucial difference: The 31s are downright terrible, mostly because the Jumpman logo on the side of any Air Jordans will never be an acceptable look.

[Kicks On Fire, RISE For Flint]




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