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It’s the go-home show before NXT Takeover: New York and WrestleMania weekend. Let’s look ahead at the April 3, 2019 edition of NXT UK.

With all the requisite paperwork presumably filed, we are only a handful of days away from Pete Dunne and WALTER blowing the roof off of Barclays Center at NXT Takeover: New York. Seeing as they’ve seemingly run out out of any other story beats to hit before the match itself — WALTER established himself as a threat, WALTER and Pete Dunne co-existed, Dunne demanded a match with WALTER, Dunne was given a match with WALTER — it’s a little bit interesting NXT UK chose to do the contact signing last week. Though perhaps they didn’t want to make it seem redundant with another, higher-profile contract signing happening on SmackDown.

So, maybe The Bruiserweight and The Ring General will have one final stare-down, maybe one will gain an opportunistic upper-hand on the other, maybe they won’t be featured at all. There’s not much more table-setting they can do for what — as you’ve already been informed many many times — is going to be an awesome wrestling match.

In a change of pace from last week, we actually know a couple of matches that are for certain going to happen on this weeks’ episode of NXT UK.

For the men, it’s Joe Coffey of Gallus taking on Trent Seven of Moustache Mountain/British Strong Style. Gallus have taken their licks as of late, but Coffey Brother Joe thinks he has the plan to get them back on track. Believe it or not, based on the first sentence of this paragraph, it starts with taking down Seven. To Coffey, Seven is dead weight that needs to be cast out of NXT UK. Obviously, Seven took exception to those comments as anyone being called “dead weight” in their place of employment would, and so here we are. Now we have a man trying to expose another man as a joke and the other man trying to prove that, while he may joke, he is not a joke. Does Gallus get back on track towards their desire for domination, or does Seven carry on the momentum started by his tag team partner a couple of weeks ago?

In the women’s division, we’ve got Isla Dawn against Kay Lee Ray. The reason these two are fighting? When Piper Niven debuted last week, Dawn said she was happy to have a fellow Scotswoman aboard the NXT UK roster. Kay Lee Ray, however, interjected to say that she doesn’t care at all that a fellow Scotswoman has joined NXT UK. So, uh, yeah, essentially they’re fighting over whether or not being happy for other people from Scotland when you too are from Scotland is good or bad.

Nothing else is confirmed, but after Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel’s scathing takedown of Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams’ amusing workout montage, the two teams seem to have their sights set on each other. With Jordan and Williams on the rise and feeling entitled to an NXT UK Tag Team title opportunity, they may be facing their toughest challenge yet, especially considering Aichner and Barthel already beat them on the January 2 edition of NXT UK. Plus, they both seem irritable, like the exact kind of dudes you don’t want to run afoul of by enjoying life, or whatever terrible wrestlecrime Jordan and Williams committed.

How to watch

Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Time: 4:00 pm ET, re-air at 9:00 pm ET

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Tune in to see Coffey vs. Seven, Dawn vs. Ray, maybe Aicher and Barthel vs. Jordan and Williams, and who knows what else (still holding out hope for an NXT UK Beat the Clock Challenge) when NXT UK airs tonight!