NFL rumors: Lions Tyreek Hill buzz, Daniel Jones gets played, Bruce Arians signals ‘Collapse for Caleb’

Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)
Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Tyreek Hill, Dolphins
Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

NFL rumors were buzzing after Tyreek Hill praised Lions QB Jared Goff, the record on Daniel Jones got set straight and Bruce Arians came with the comedy.

It may be the NFL offseason but any good sports fan knows the National Football League never truly sleeps. There’s always something happening to shift the landscape.

Take the Rams turning NFL Free Agency on its head by putting All-Pro linebacker Bobby Wagner back on the market.

And there’s always talk, whether it’s Patrick Mahomes defending his former offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy or Tyreek Hill making a stir in Detroit…

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NFL Rumors: Tyreek Hill gives Detroit life with Jared Goff take

Jared Goff was the best quarterback in the NFC North in 2022. That’s not a statement anyone would have taken seriously going into the season, but it’s the truth. And now Lions fans have an unexpected reason to be really excited about the 2023 campaign.

Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is on board the Goff train. He also single-handedly created buzz that he could one day wear a Lions uniform.

“I like Jared Goff. If I had the option to go play with Jared Goff, I’d go play with him,” Hill said during a gaming stream.

Lions fans are now collectively dreaming about Goff throwing passes to Hill. The only hiccup? Hill is under contract with the Dolphins until 2027.