Committed to the bit: Jimmy Butler brings back Emo look for appearance in Fall Out Boy video

Jimmy Butler brought back some classic cosplay to make a music video for the Emo legends, Fall Out Boy.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers
Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers / Soobum Im/GettyImages

As the Miami Heat continue to rise in the standings, Jimmy Butler is appearing in Fall Out Boy's newest music video. As noted by Ilana Kaplan of People Magazine, Butler shows up in the music video for So Much For Stardust. In the video, Butler returned to his old emo hairstyle that he appeared with at the Heat's media day before the season started.

When healthy, Jimmy Butler has been able to be an elite veteran in this league who would likely been in the conversation to be an All-Star if he didn't face numerous different injuries. As Butler tries to stay healthy, the Miami Heat squad looks to get a top-six seed and avoid the Play-In tournament.

Butler has wanted to be a country singer for a while and has been working on his own album for the last year. In the music video, the All-NBA veteran decided to wear "nudie suits" and is dancing to the new hit. As fans enjoy his cameo in the music video, is the star set to do more stunts like this in the near future?

Is Jimmy Butler set to do other things like this after appearing in this music video?

To be quite honest, Butler is unlikely to do more stunts like this before the end of the Heat's season. Despite early struggles, Miami is a sleeper to end up making a deep playoff run as the squad looks to ignite Jimmy Butler's playoff magic. Even if the Heat end up making a short exit from the playoffs, he's going to have his hands full for the next few months.

Since Butler is one of the most motivated players in the league, it's fair to assume that the star wouldn't do endorsements or stunts like this if the Heat are embarrassed in the playoffs. No matter what ends up happening in the playoffs, fans of Fall Out Boy are highly likely to follow the Heat season for the rest of the season.

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