3 Kansas City Chiefs to blame for inexcusable Christmas loss against Raiders

The Kansas City Chiefs lost to their AFC West rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, at home on Christmas day.

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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Kansas City Chiefs to blame: Patrick Mahomes

Some of the Chiefs struggles on offense have to fall on their leader, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes contributed to one of the Raiders touchdowns, a pick-6 thrown right to defensive back Jack Jones, who proceeded to troll a young Chiefs fan. Mahomes nearly threw a second interception as well, but was bailed out by a questionable reversal.

Mahomes sent a message to his receiving corps this week, expressing the need to establish an identity and gain confidence. While they fell short, so did he.

"I think it's all confidence," Mahomes said, again per Florio. "I think that those guys can catch the football. I've seen some of those guys make the best catches I think I've ever seen. So I think it's just going out there playing confident, being them, and if they do that, that stuff will kind of help itself."

If Mahomes cannot trust his receivers, he will continue to put his team in harm's way. Even one of the most talented quarterbacks ever needs help. Yet, Kansas City has two games to fix its offense. No pressure, right?