Braves rumors: Hints at big moves, Gray backup plan, Vaughn Grissom position change, more

  • Who will replace Ron Washington?
  • Vaughn Grissom could change positions
  • Sonny Gray needs to come with a backup plan
  • The Braves plan to spend, but how much?

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Braves would be wise to figure out a Sonny Gray backup plan

The Braves signing free agent starting pitcher Sonny Gray feels like it's almost too obvious. Gray is a solid starting pitcher, one of the best available in free agency this year, yet he's been forthright in suggesting money is not the most important thing to him when deciding where to sign this winter.

The Braves, who have been economical with their spending since Alex Anthopoulos has started with the team in 2017, need starting pitching. It's a good match.

With the Twins last year, Gray put forth a sub-3.00 ERA and only gave up eight home runs the entire year. He had a league-leading 2.83 FIP and pitched his second-best strikeout-to-walk ratio season of his career.

But, the Braves will be up against a number of teams hopeful to engage Gray for his services. Among them is the Philadelphia Phillies, according to Jon Morosi:

It's unwise to put your eggs in one basket, and Gray will be in high demand. If they can't sign him, who should they look to instead?

Other key pitchers on the free agent market include Aaron Nola, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, Marcus Stroman, and Luis Severino, among others.

Most economical may be Montgomery, if they can interest him. He's been a journeyman the last few years from the Yankees to the Cardinals to the Rangers, but not for a lack of talent. His skills are in demand, and he just helped the Rangers win their first title in franchise history.