Cardinals rumors: Cardinals best target now available, Former player hiring misses mark, Lynn signing explained

  • Why the Cardinals brought Lance Lynn back
  • A new coach in town... But not Yadier Molina
  • Yamamoto is up for grabs officially

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Former player hired, but not Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina is thought to be on the St. Louis Cardinals radar to be employed in some way or fashion. Molina took 2023 off from the game officially in his first year of retirement but continued to provide his feedback and analysis throughout the year, even discussing early struggles with his successor Willson Contreras to give his outside perspective.

A bit ago, Molina said on a Puerto Rican radio show that he expected he would be working with the Cardinals in 2023. He said he'd give it a, "90 percent," likelihood of happening. There has been little development on the long-rumored spot in the organization for Molina, who many fans would prefer as manager over Oli Marmol.

Marmol appears to have the team's trust for now. Molina would ostensibly work on Marmol's staff in some capacity.

Without Molina, though, the team has hired a different former player, Daniel Descalso. Descalso played five years for the Cardinals manning second and third base.

Hopefully, this may mean the team is tying up whatever loose ends might be straggling on a potential Molina deal. There's little insight into why the two sides haven't made a role for him official, but it could be anything at this point.

Previously, some described his hire as a longshot.