Sure sounds like Andy Reid's future has everything to do with Patrick Mahomes

Andy Reid will coach the Kansas City Chiefs next season, no doubt. Beyond that, his future could be tied to Patrick Mahomes.
Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Chargers
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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid dealt with questions about his future before the Super Bowl. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes swatted away rumors that Reid may retire following last season, calling it "highly doubtful" that his head coach would retire at the height of the Chiefs dynasty.

At the time, I took Mahomes word for it. Heck, most Chiefs fans did, and perhaps there's a reason for that. Reid and Mahomes are lockstep in the sense that the Kansas City quarterback knows there will be a time where he has to play without Big Red as his head coach. However, that time is not now, nor will it be in the very near future per one former NFL head coach.

"I don't know how much longer he's going to go but I don't anticipate him stepping out before [Patrick] Mahomes does," Mike Smith told Betway Insider. "He's going to stay right where he is as long as Mahomes is there. If Patrick decides he wants to retire early, then Andy may consider retiring but people don't realize coach Reid is a grinder."

Doesn't sound like Andy Reid will leave Chiefs anytime soon

It's unclear if Smith and Reid have crossed paths or know each other personally, but the former knows what it's like to be an NFL head coach. The day-in, day-out effort it takes to lead a franchise over the course of an entire year can be exhausting. At some point, Reid will want a break from that life. But why leave when success and NFL lore are all but guaranteed?

"He loves the preparation as much as the competition. He's the mad scientist and we see it with all the Andy Reid signature plays which they run in pivotal moments," Smith continued.

Mahomes and Reid are at the peak of their powers. If Reid leaves now, he's a surefire Hall-of-Fame caliber coach. Should he stay in Kansas City, Don Shula's all-time wins record is within reach, as well as more Lombardi Trophies.

As Reid said on Super Bowl media day, his "mom and dad told (him) this when they were working...You'll know when it's time,' and I'm ready to go (play) right now. Let's go."

Reid realizes he still has plenty left to give, and has an opportunity to coach one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. Why mess up a good thing?