Cubs rumors: Players for Ohtani, interest in first-baseman, David Ross first comments

  • David Ross breaks his silence on heartbreaking firing
  • Cubs have interest in a notable first-baseman
  • Shohei Ohtani is definitely in play for the Cubs

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The Cubs have been named in connection to Rhys Hoskins

The path Chicago takes with first base is of interest for a number of reasons this offseason. For one, Cody Bellinger, the team's top incumbent free agent, played some there last season, though his more natural placement is in center field. That said, it's not uncommon for players like Bellinger to shift to first base in the later years of their career, and if Bellinger wants to play at first, the team should definitely attempt to dangle that if it means keeping him in Chicago.

Then, we learned earlier this week that the Cubs are eyeing first base for Christopher Morel, a player who has notably been brought up repeatedly in trade discussions. Specifically, he's been mentioned as a player to watch in a potential Juan Soto deal, though such a deal appears to be off the table for the time being with the Padres gesturing toward keeping him, at least for now.'s MLB Insider Robert Murray tabbed the Cubs as a team that makes sense for free agent Rhys Hoskins.

Hoskins missed last season recovering from injury, and the Phillies have seemingly resigned from the running to retain him announcing that Bryce Harper will become the team's first baseman of the future.

If Chicago were to secure Hoskins, what might it do for its pursuit of Bellinger? Presumably, he would still be in play in an outfield role. But how about Morel? Might it turn up the heat on a trade there? Morel appeared to land on second base after struggling defensively in various roles in his first two years, but the team now looks committed to slotting him at first base. He can serve a designated hitter role, but maybe a trade would be the more likely outcome.