Deion Sanders gifts Colorado players sunglasses after Jay Norvell’s fired shot

Deion Sanders had a special present for his players ahead of Saturday's game against Colorado State.
Colorado head coach Deion Sanders
Colorado head coach Deion Sanders / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

There's an old expression that goes like this, "Don't poke the bear." Well, Colorado State football coach Jay Norvell poked the bear earlier this week.

Ahead of the Rams' clash with Coach Prime and the Colorado Buffaloes, Norvell took a shot at Deion Sanders. Typically, the in-state rivalry between Colorado and Colorado State is already spicy enough, but Norvell made it, in Sanders' words, personal.

Norvell said in an interview earlier this week, "... when I talk to grown-ups, I take my hat off and my glasses off. That’s what my mother taught me." While he didn't name Sanders by name, everyone throughout the country knew to whom Norvell was referring.

Deion Sanders gifts Colorado players sunglasses after Jay Norvell’s fired shot.

So, Coach Prime has used this for motivation this week and has already discussed the comments with his players. In fact, Deion Sanders decided to get a gift for his players prior to kickoff on Saturday.

During a team meeting, Sanders passed out sunglasses to every single player in the room and each one donned the shades as Coach Prime stood at the front of the room and complimented his guys on their appearance. Sanders told his players, "You look good."

Deion Sanders has gone out of his way this season to motivate his players, and on occasion may be stretching the truth just a bit in order to get the best of his players. But there was no need to exaggerate anything this time.

Jay Norvell said what he said, and now he'd better hope his players are ready to back it up. The Colorado State Rams go on the road to face the Colorado Buffaloes at 10:00 p.m. ET on Saturday in Boulder. Bring your shades, because the Buffs are looking to light up the scoreboard.

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