Deion Sanders profits majorly from Colorado-Colorado State trash talk

Deion Sanders was able to turn a hefty profit off the trash talk that happened before Colorado's double-overtime win over rival Colorado State.

Colorado State v Colorado
Colorado State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

According to Front Office Sports, Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders was able to profit in a big, big way from the trash talk that occurred between Sanders and Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell.

Sanders signed a deal with Blenders sungalsses who were able to create "Prime 21" sunglasses. Blenders was able to sell more than four times the amount that they expected to sell just off preorders alone.

According to Michael McCarthy of FOS, the initial goal was 16,000 pairs of sunglasses sold and it has been reported that they sold somewhere between 67,000-72,000. This came after Norvell decided to insult Sanders by saying "grown-ups" take their hats and glasses when they are speaking to someone. Prime Time decided to return this insult by giving everyone on his team, of course, sunglasses.

Colorado was able to take care of their in-state foes in a double overtime game that had every college football fan watching in the late-night window.

Deion Sanders has turned Colorado football into a brand name -- and has the sunglasses to prove it

The hype will likely die down in the next two weeks with expected losses to USC and Oregon.

Still, the amount of marketing that Sanders has done for the school and football program is astronomical. The Buffaloes owes a great debt to Sanders for the amount of publicity that he is bringing to the program in his first year.

Sanders has been able to bring huge attention to the University of Colorado with only his name alone. His ability to use the transfer portal has made a school that won one game last season challenging to make a bowl game this season. It has also made ESPN, FOX and other broadcast companies want to have their pregame shows in Boulder.

This is great for the experience of the school as it allows them to showcase the school on national television for free. As a whole, Sanders has been able to provide a lot of free marketing for the school along with putting some side change in for himself.

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