Derek Carr yelling at Saints teammates could be last straw for Dennis Allen

The New Orleans Saints expected Derek Carr to take their offense to the next level. Instead, he's hit career lows in almost all categories.
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints
Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

Derek Carr let his frustration get the best of him on Sunday against the lowly Carolina Panthers, as he yelled at his own offensive line after a sack. Offensive lineman Erik McCoy's miscommunication directly let to a sack of Carr, who has played horribly this season in New Orleans, giving Saints fans very little reason to look forward to the future.

The Saints don't have much room to get out of Carr's contract, so to that extent they are stuck with him. With that in mind, beefing up Carr's offensive line might be the first, best step in finding a way to make this marriage work. Carr has routinely been under pressure this season.

A moment of frustration is nothing to take too seriously, especially considering the Saints struggles of late. When Carr was acquired, New Orleans was considered the runaway favorites in the NFC South. Instead, they have failed to live up to those expectations and trail the Atlanta Falcons by a game in the division.

Saints in disarray after Derek Carr yells at own teammate

It doesn't help that Carr has been injured for much of this season. Upon signing with New Orleans, Carr was expected to receive a fresh start. Instead, he has worse weapons and poor offensive line depth to work with. There's a reason Dennis Allen and Pete Carmichael are on the hot seat, and could be fired at the end of the season.

Carr is unlikely to go anywhere until at the very earliest after next season, when his contract lets up some. For now, though, the Saints are stuck with him, which is why they should focus on finding the right coaching staff and pieces around him.

Having such a concerning conflict arise on the field -- where the viewing public can see it all -- is not a good look for Allen, who has yet to prove he can win as a head coach in this league.

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