Jason Kelce announces retirement and Twitter is shirtless and chugging in his honor

Jason Kelce is officially retiring. The Eagles' All-Pro center will be immortalized in Philly sports legend.

Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles
Jason Kelce, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Jason Kelce officially announced his retirement at the Philadelphia Eagles facility on Monday. We all expected it, but the news still arrives with a bittersweet tinge. Kelce put together a historic, Hall of Fame career with the Eagles. He made seven Pro Bowl appearances across 13 seasons, all in Philly. He is a six-time All-Pro center and, most importantly, a one-time Super Bowl champ.

Greater than Kelce's on-field accomplishments was his off-field persona. He was a genuinely kind, gracious person who did work in the community and interacted with fans. We also saw more of Kelce than your average football star. He would let his guard down in the offseason — and especially at the Eagles SB parade — frequently going shirtless and slamming beers.

He is quite possibly the most beloved Philadelphia athlete of all time. There have been countless sports icons in that city, but few can claim Kelce's universal approval rating. The proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the Twitter poll).

Kelce earned the undying love and respect of the most cutthroat fanbase in America. Philly fans aren't always easy to win over, but once a player earns their loyalty, it's an unbreakable bond. Kelce and that city will forever be linked.

Social media poured one out — literally and figuratively — following Kelce's announcement.

Social media reacts to Jason Kelce's Eagles retirement

There is nothing but love for Kelce. Again, it's borderline impossible to find a player who is so widely respected, both in his own city and around the league. There are plenty of Eagles haters, but how many of them can earnestly express disdain for Jason Kelce?

Fans flooded X (formerly Twitter) to express their gratitude for Kelce's career and to reminisce about all the fond memories.

It was an emotional retirement speech from Kelce, who broke down at multiple points. His family, including Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, was in the building to experience the moment alongside him. Kelce ended his historic career on his terms. Now, he embarks on a new chapter in life, one he can spend with his wife, Kylie, and three daughters.

Kelce is sure to hang around the Eagles organization and the city, but he has given all he can to a difficult, physical sport. If any player has earned a restful and peaceful transition away from the game, it's No. 62 in midnight green.

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