Key update on car crash shows Rashee Rice has taken crucial legal step

Rashee Rice has taken a big legal step following allegations and a car crash that involved a vehicle registered to him.

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On Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver's name came up connected to a multi-car crash in Dallas on Saturday evening. Police were searching for Rice as of Sunday afternoon.

The crash was reportedly a result of a Corvette and Lamborghini that were racing. Both drivers are alleged to have fled the scene, and the Dallas Police Department is reported to believe Rice was the driver of the Corvette. Images released by TMZ at the incident did not appear to capture Rice.

Dash cam footage of the incident came out on Sunday as well.

Rashee Rice puts lawyer on retainer following car crash

It is still unclear if Rice has been taken into police custody or interacted with law enforcement, but CBS Sports' Josina Anderson reported that Rice has retained legal representation.

Anderson also reports that a release on the incident is coming tomorrow, but she does not say what organization or person the release is coming from.

Notably, taking up counsel does not indicate that Rice is necessarily admitting involvement or fault in the incident. It could mean he's speaking to law enforcement through his lawyer, or expecting to in the near future. Even if the allegations are false, Rice would be wise to get legal representation.

Rice, a rookie in 2023, won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs just months ago.

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