Lakers rumors: Darvin Ham appears to finally be on his last legs

With Darvin Ham's in-game decisions costing the franchise a couple of games, it seems like the Lakers coach could be on his way out.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

As the L.A. Lakers continue to fight to play above .500 ball and get into a top-six seed, one of the reasons that the franchise is the ninth seed and making their superstars upset could be on his way out of the franchise. According to Anthony F. Irwin of Audacy Sports, people around the Lakers think that firing Darvin Ham could be a way for them to turn their season around.

Even though the franchise probably needs a couple of personal changes, a lot of the squad's problems have come from Ham's lineup decisions. The former NBA veteran has been insistent on playing three-guard lineups and having Taurean Prince in the starting lineup instead of Jarred Vanderbilt. To be fair, the front office most likely needs to make a trade or two with one involving D'Angelo Russell.

While Russell has been a lot better as of late, the veteran guard cannot play defense well at all which forces him to be virtually non-existent in the playoffs.

Will firing Darvin Ham fix all of their problems?

In all reality, firing Darvin Ham will not fix all of the Lakers' problems. Yes, the franchise should probably look to fire him but the replacement coach could have different issues or even be worse. The number of good coaches that are actually available at this current is extremely small at this point of the season.

Phil Handy, who is currently a Lakers assistant coach is a great teacher and has a hand in transforming more veterans than most assistants in the league is one of the most logical replacements for Ham. While Handy is great, there is no guarantee that he will have the magic key to understanding a Lakers rotation that certainly doesn't have the best group of veterans.

The Bucks are currently running into this problem as they fired their coach, Adrian Griffin only to replace him with Doc Rivers. In the short time that Rivers has coached the franchise, they already blew a lead to the Nuggets and had a last-minute miscue that allowed the basement-dwelling Trail Blazers to beat them.

Yes, the Lakers should look to replace Darvin Ham even at this point of the season but a firing will not solve all of their problems. That will come with a trade or two that swaps their starting point guard and changes another one or two veterans in the rotation.

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