If it were up to Mack Hollins, everyone would be walking around barefoot

Mack Hollins and shoes do not vibe.

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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As part of the 2024 Super Bowl Week, FanSided’s Patrick Allen and fellow podcast co-host of Arrowhead Addict, Sterling Holmes, are covering the events leading up to the big game live from the scene, speaking with several notable names in the NFL community.

During their time in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Super Bowl LVIII will be played, Allen and Holmes had a chance to catch up with NFL wide receiver Mack Hollins.

Hollins, who is currently an unrestricted free agent after spending 2023 with the Atlanta Falcons, was incredibly friendly. Most notably, he was authentic, keeping it real with Allen and Holmes during their discussion.

From their mutual interest in smoking meat to Hollins’ Mount Rushmore of receivers, the trio covered various topics.

Perhaps the most intriguing subject matter was Hollins' preference to walk around barefoot.

Mack Hollins hates shoes

“We don’t put shoes on,” Hollins told Allen and Holmes. “Unless it’s forced,” he added. 

The seven-year pro has become known for showing up to games and warming up barefoot but he says he’s been “completely shoeless for two years” now, outside of airports, bathrooms, or other scenarios where he has to. Even then, he doesn’t wear shoes – he usually carries around a pair of socks or foldable slippers to put on when necessary.

Holmes asks Hollins if walks the Las Vegas strip barefoot to which he replies: “New York City, Las Vegas, Miami it doesn’t matter.”  

But how, where, and when did this all start?

Why does Mack Hollins hate shoes?

After struggling to recover from injury during his tenure with the Eagles, Hollins said he met trainers with a holistic approach from Australia who emphasized being barefoot and becoming more grounded with the Earth.

So, he flew them out to Philadelphia in hopes of better results, and ever since, they’ve become his “main trainers.”

Hollins also said being barefoot helps build strength in your feet and compared it to a tree, saying a big tree with weak roots will easily knock over when the wind arrives, similar to how people’s feet/ankles will get hurt due to having frail feet.

While Hollins raises fair points about the concept of walking around barefoot and the potential benefits, it may not be enough to outweigh the sanitary issues that could come along too. 

Hollins spoke to FanSided on behalf of GE appliances and their Smart Indoor Smoker.

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