MLB Rumors: Tyler Glasnow trade favorites, Red Sox dream move, Giants Plan B

  • Giants have an ideal Plan B if they strike out in free agency again
  • Red Sox perfect target this offseason is an obvious choice
  • Tyler Glasnow trade favorites come on both sides of bitter rivalry

Tampa Bay Rays v Minnesota Twins
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MLB Rumors: Cardinals, Cubs named best fits for Tyler Glasnow trade

One of the big potential MLB trade candidates this offseason is the Tampa Bay Rays' former Cy Young winner, Tyler Glasnow. Though he's dealt with his share of injuries in his career, he's been a star on a relatively manageable contract (roughly $25 million AAV) for someone of his talent. And the Cillian Murphy doppëlganger figures to be in high demand for any team willing to take on the salary as the Rays, like they always do, aim to get a beat cheaper on the payroll.

But who are the favorites for a Tyler Glasnow trade?

Jordan Shusterman of FOX Sports broke down possible best fits for Glasnow this offseason and two potential NL Central contenders (and rivals) came to the forefront: the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Shusterman asserted that, if both clubs come up empty in free agency with their top targets, then they'd be willing to take on the $25 million salary for Glasnow to fortify their respective rotations.

"If they miss out on their preferred free-agent targets, the Cardinals and Cubs each look like great landing spots for Glasnow. I could also see the Rangers pursuing a high-end arm as a short-term solution like Glasnow instead of committing to a high-priced free agent for the long haul."

So that isn't to say that the Cubs and Cardinals aren't going to make Glasnow their first priority, however, they could be in the mix if the chips fall as they may in free agency.

For me, the Cubs seem like the likelier trade destination unless the Rays are enamored with St. Louis' glut of outfielders that they believe they could pry away from the Cards in a Glasnow trade. Otherwise, the team that has already committed $48 million to Sonny Gray, Lance Lynn and Kyle Gibson might not want to invest that heavily in a trade.

With the Cubs having been quiet to this point, however, they may need to pull a rabbit out of the hat. A Glasnow trade could be that bunny.

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