NBA rumors: Jrue Holiday's starting trade price revealed

An NBA insider has reported that the starting trade price for Holiday is two first-round picks. What contender will be willing to pay up?

Washington Wizards v Milwaukee Bucks
Washington Wizards v Milwaukee Bucks / John Fisher/GettyImages

According to Jared Weiss of The Athletic, the starting price for Jrue Holiday has been revealed — he will cost at least two first rounds for whoever ends up acquiring him. A lot of teams have been linked to Holiday, including the Celtics, Sixers, and many others over the last couple of days.

Despite the vast amount of bidders, it seems like a trade for the all-defensive player will happen in the next couple of days. This is most likely because the Trail Blazers want to get going on their rebuild. Holiday doesn't really fit with this team — he is an aging veteran who would take minutes away from Scoot Henderson among others.

Holiday is also a player who is a free agent next season (although he has a player option) and will most likely not re-sign with the Trail Blazers due to the fact that the defensive guard should be able to go to a team that pays him well and is contending for a championship.

With the high price for Jrue Holiday, what team will end up making the move for him?

It's hard to tell what team will end up trading for Holiday. Based on the amount of assets each team has, the team that is most suited to trade for Holiday would be the Celtics. Boston is able to trade most of their first round picks. The Sixers would be a good fit to increase the price for Holiday but they already have their hands full with the James Harden saga.

It should be expected for top teams in the Eastern Conference to make grand offers for the defensive guard due to the fact that the Bucks just added a top offensive guard in Damian Lillard. It would be really interesting for the Sixers or Celtics to get him due to the fact that these teams will most likely play against the Bucks in the playoffs.

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