NBA trade rumors: Another possible third team for D'Angelo Russell trade found

The Lakers have been trying to trade for Dejounte Murray, looking for a third team to take D'Angelo Russell. Now they may have more than one option.

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets
Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets / David Jensen/GettyImages

Even with the Lakers on a three-game winning streak, the franchise still seems to be featuring D'Angelo Russell in trade talks looking to improve. According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, the Toronto Raptors have been having talks about acquiring Russell. The Raptors are a franchise that is looking to rebuild after trading Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby for young promising players and draft picks.

Toronto could be willing to take Russell if the franchise is given picks. The Nets have also been mentioned as a franchise that could take on the veteran point guard under the right situation. The Lakers have been talking with the Atlanta Hawks for what has seemed like weeks. They have reportedly been close to getting a deal done but the Hawks don't want Russell back in any deal.

While the Hawks may be willing to settle for a good veteran back in any deal for Murray, it is reasonable to say that the franchise does not want any contract that goes past this season. With all of this in mind, does the inclusion of the Raptors finally put Murray in the Purple and Gold?

Are the Raptors the missing third team for a D'Angelo Russell-Dejounte Murray deal?

To be quite honest, Toronto is probably not the franchise that makes a three-team deal work. The Lakers just do not have enough assets to dump Russell to a third team. While the Nets might see the veteran as an upgrade over anyone that they could get in free agency, the Raptors could end up having a lot of cap space if they end up trading Dennis Schroder, Bruce Brown, and Chris Boucher.

The Raptors are just in the beginning of their rebuild and it would not make sense for the franchise to give up possible cap space for a veteran who most likely has no room to improve as a defender. If the Lakers are still working to get this deal over the finish line, the Nets may be a better bet.

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