NBA Rumors: LeBron James unsuccessfully using Knicks as trade deadline leverage

LeBron James isn't happy with the current state of the Lakers. Is he actually hinting at a departure for the Knicks, or just using all of his leverage on the Lakers?

Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks
Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks / Al Bello/GettyImages

As LeBron James continues to pressure the Lakers, it seems like the franchise isn't willing to budge on their willingness to not go all in at the trade deadline. As noted by Bleacher Report, the Lakers have "held firm' In their trade talks according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst. In the last week, the all-time great has tweeted out the hourglass emoji after an L.A.loss, worn a Knick towel postgame, and is claimed to be on the open market by an unfamiliar source.

His hints seem to point to interest in playing for the Knicks but is he being serious? Joking around? Or just trying to get the Lakers to make some bigger moves?

Despite playing a little bit as of late, the Lakers are currently the ninth seed in the Western Conference and just lost key veteran Jarred Vanderbilt for possibly the rest of the regular season and more. With the Lakers barely surviving and the relationship looking bleak, are they doomed to break up with LeBron in the near future?

Are the Lakers and LeBron doomed to spilt up at some point in the near future?

James will probably not be traded at the deadline but the franchise is unlikely to invest the team's possibly only draft choice on Bronny James and his leaving Los Angeles seems more probably now than it has at any recent point.

The younger James has great defensive potential but hasn't been able to show his offensive game since he is still recovering from a health scare earlier in the season. To be quite honest, it's quite fair for the older James to want to play with his son above all else but with that in mind it's hard to say where the star will end up taking his basketball services next season.

Of course, the Knicks could end up taking Bronny for his defensive skills but many other franchises could end up selecting the prospect in the second round or even first as well. No matter what ends up happening, the Lakers are probably due for a split with James if the franchise doesn't draft Bronny and make upgrades at the deadline.

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