NFL Rumors: 4 teams who would give Bears a 'historic haul' for Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears would reportedly consider a historic haul to trade the rights to the No. 1 overall pick, which will likely be Caleb Williams. Which teams are the favorites?

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2. Las Vegas Raiders could bring Caleb Williams to Sin City

The Raiders missed out on Kliff Kingsbury, who has experience working with Caleb Williams at USC. That would've been a match made in heaven, and an advantage the Commanders now have over the Raiders.

All that being said, the Bears would trade the pick to the highest bidder in this scenario. Unfortunately for the Raiders, their pick is outside of the top-10 thanks to a memorable run by interim-turned-regular head coach Antonio Pierce. That same run likely earned Pierce the head coaching gig, though, so it's not all bad.

The Raiders don't have an answer at QB on the current roster. Jimmy Garoppolo wasn't it and Aiden O'Connell isn't Williams-caliber. There are some in the industry who believe O'Connell will get another chance in 2024, including Mike Ginnitti of Spotrac.

“2023 4th round pick Aidan O’Connell (didn’t) exactly hit the ground running as the step-in starter, but with a non-guaranteed 3 year, $3M contract on the books from here out, he’s a no-brainer to stick around and continue to compete for the starting role,” Ginnitti wrote.

As affordable as O'Connell is, he won't take the Raiders to the next level in the same division as Justin Herbert and Patrick freaking Mahomes.