NFL Rumors: One trade 6 contenders need to make at deadline

The NFL Trade Deadline is less than 24 hours away and these six contenders need to make a move for a stronger second-half push.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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NFL Rumors: Chiefs trade for Cardinals WR Marquise Brown

Coming into Sunday in Week 8, it seemed like the Kansas City Chiefs' trade deadline would come and go with general manager Brett Veach reuniting with Mecole Hardman in a trade and then moving on into the second half of the season. After an ugly loss to the Denver Broncos, though, that becomes less certain.

Thought Patrick Mahomes battling the flu in that loss might be a big factor in why things played out as they did, this is still a team that appears to be searching for answers. The defense is still playing well, but the offense has been stop-and-go far more often than we expect from Mahomes and Andy Reid. And it's impossible to not continue thinking that a lack of consistency at receiver is at the root of the issue.

So why not make one last push for someone who could be a game-changer in this Chiefs offense -- you know, one of the most widely connected potential trades around the league? A trade with the Arizona Cardinals for wide receiver Marquise Brown.

Hollywood Brown has continued to be a legitimately dangerous receiving threat, despite playing this season with Josh Dobbs at quarterback in the desert.

While Brown isn't as electric as Tyreek Hill (few, if any, are), he could provide that same type of dynamic ability and speed in the receiving game that appears to be lacking right now. It's the type of juice the franchise was hoping Kadarius Toney could provide, but that hasn't worked out.

The latest intel has said that the Cardinals likely won't move Brown. But for the right price and, perhaps with a little added motivation on the Chiefs' part, perhaps they could get the Cards to budge in order to get a real fix in the building for this offense that's failed to come close to its ceiling this season.

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