NFL Rumors: Kirk Cousins, Bill Belichick packaged deal, Bears reunion, Eagles surprise OC

  • Kirk Cousins and Bill Belichick should most definitely link up together on a new team this season.
  • The Chicago Bears could host a Commanders reunion.
  • Eagles interview an OC no one saw coming.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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NFL rumors: Atlanta Falcons will be led by Bill Belichick, Kirk Cousins

Oh, this would be something, alright... Word on the street, or per Fowler's NFL sources, is that Bill Belichick is likely going to try to bring Kirk Cousins with him if he ends up being named the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. This would be quite the potential union for all involved. Atlanta will get two winners, Belichick gets to keep coaching and Cousins will have weapons galore to work with.

Now that the New England Patriots have pivoted of Belichick completely, it feels like Atlanta or bust for him in this hiring cycle. Cousins could conceivably re-up with the Minnesota Vikings in his free agency, but keep in mind that he is coming off a major lower-body injury, as well as his wife Julie being an Alpharetta native and a University of Georgia alum. Plus, Matt Ryan is still lives in the area...

The growing belief is that a Cousins-Belichick partnership in Atlanta could make the Falcons the easy favorites to win the NFC South next year. They would not have to use their precious No. 8 overall pick on a rookie quarterback, opting to kick the can down the road at least for a little bit longer. By using that pick on a non-quarterback, Atlanta could have just enough to make a legitimate run in the NFC.

Atlanta is still looking for its next head coach, so let's hope Rich McKay is not a huge problem again.

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