Russell Wilson takes one last Denver Broncos L no one saw coming

Russell Wilson is no longer with the Broncos, but that doesn't mean he's done taking losses in Denver.

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Former Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers for just over $1 million, in part because his former employer still owes him over $30 million. Wilson has made plenty of money in his NFL career, but forcing the Broncos to pay his 2024 salary while playing elsewhere is the cherry on top of a poor tenure in the Mile High City.

The Broncos have since moved forward, somewhat. Sean Payton claims to have a plan at quarterback, though Jarrett Stidham does not seem like moving forward from the outside looking in. Perhaps Denver will draft a quarterback with their first-round pick which Payton can develop -- something he has done well in the past. Wilson was not it, though, and he and Payton were a bad match from the second the former Saints head coach was hired.

Now in Pittsburgh, Wilson has a chance to battle Justin Fields for the starting quarterback job in training camp. He should get the first opportunity at QB1 reps in camp because of his veteran status, and because Mike Tomlin still believes he has something left to give.

Russell Wilson takes a significant loss on his Denver-area home, but seems fine with it

The NFL offseason is always full of movement in free agency. This leads to NFL players selling properties in their former locations, as is the case with Wilson in Denver. Yet, despite the inflated housing market seemingly everywhere across the country, Wilson took a surprising loss on his mansion.

Wilson's Cherry Hills home had 12 bathrooms, four bedrooms and over 20,000 square feet of space. He bought the property back when he was traded to the Broncos from Seattle for a record $25 million. He sold his home for a $3.5 million loss at just over $21 million. Still, don't feel too sorry for him, that's a rather large sum of cash for a man who has already earned over $300 million in his NFL career.

As funny as it may be to pile on Wilson, we'd all love to have that kind of net worth. The luxury of selling a $25 million house is, uh, something most of us can never relate to. It doesn't make it any less surprising that he took a net loss, however.