Sherrone Moore contract: How much is Michigan paying new head coach?

2024 CFP National Championship - Michigan v Washington
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Who could've predicted that the Michigan Wolverines would replace Jim Harbaugh upon his return to the NFL by promoting offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to be the next head coach in Ann Arbor?

Oh, that's right. Just about anyone could have.

There was little drama in Michigan selecting the successor to Harbaugh. It was immediately reported and expected even long before Harbaugh's decision was made final that Moore would be the top candidate to fill that role. And now that move is official with Harbaugh now helming the Los Angeles Chargers with Michigan making the hire of Moore official on Friday night.

Moore served as the acting head coach for four games with the Wolverines in the 2023 season amid Harbaugh's various suspensions, notching wins over Bowling Green, Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State. That's an impressive four-game resumé, but he also steps in with huge shoes to fill after Harbaugh brought Michigan its first national championship in more than 25 years.

In the midst of the Harbaugh saga, though, we know that Michigan worked hard to keep the alumnus in Ann Arbor with an offer to make him the highest-paid head coach in college football. What does that mean for Sherrone Moore and his contract, though? Let's take a look at the details.

Sherrone Moore contract details: New Michigan coach's salary

Per Ralph D. Russo of the Associated Press, Sherrone Moore's contract with Michigan is a five-year deal with a salary that starts at $5.5 million for the 2024 season. Each subsequent season, that price tag will increase by 2%.

Here's how the contract details would break down by year if Moore retains his job at Michigan, which is key given the $500,000 retention bonus for a full contract year fulfilled:

  • 2024: $5.5 million
  • 2025: $5.61 million + $500,000 retention bonus
  • 2026: $5.72 million + $500,000 retention bonus
  • 2027: $5.84 million + $500,000 retention bonus
  • 2028: $5.95 million + $500,000 retention bonus

There are also several lucrative bonuses included in the deal, including $250,000 for appearing in the Big Ten Championship Game and $500,000 for winning the conference championship. Additionally, Moore would be awarded a $200,000 bonus for making the College Football Playoff and $300,000 for an appearance in the CFP Quarterfinals.

That's certainly a bargain for Michigan if Moore works out and keeps the train rolling in Ann Arbor, especially in comparison to what Harbaugh was being offered. That financial flexibility, however, could also be key in hiring Moore's staff with defensive coordinator Jesse Minter expected to depart with Harbaugh for the Chargers and the likely need for the Wolverines to supplement the staff around Moore with more experienced figures.

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