Steelers have no plans to move on from Matt Canada

The Pittsburgh Steelers will not move on from Matt Canada, despite the wishes of the fanbase.

Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers
Matt Canada, Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers rank 27th in total yards this season despite playing a full five games. A few teams ahead of them had Week 5 buys. It has been difficult sledding for Pittsburgh ever since Matt Canada took over as offensive coordinator in 2021, but despite earnest pleas from the fanbase, there is no plan to oust Canada at this point in time.

According to Dianna Russini of The Athletic, the Steelers would have made a change already if it were going to happen.

"The Pittsburgh Steelers have no plans to fire offensive coordinator Matt Canada or turn the play calling over to another coach on the staff, a person familiar with the situation shared this week. I was told if a move was going to be made, it would have happened already. Though fans have criticized Canada and his play calling, Steelers players and coach Mike Tomlin have continued to show him support. I was told the team held a meeting this week to come together and search for some answers as they approach the bye week."

Do not expect the Steelers fans in your life to take this news well. Please tread carefully this Sunday. It's a bye week — let them have this week of relaxation.

Pittsburgh Steelers have 'no plans' to fire Matt Canada or change play-calling duties

Canada appears to have the unwavering support of his head coach, Mike Tomlin. That takes you pretty far in Pittsburgh, where Tomlin is royalty. Tomlin has earned the right to shape his coaching staff to a certain degree, but by that same token, it's hard to justify the sustained confidence in Canada when the results have never been there.

Still, Canada is the only O.C. since 2021 never to top 400 yards of total offense in a game. Personnel deserves some blame, sure. Kenny Pickett is unpolished, late-stage Ben Roethlisberger was a mess, and the supporting cast has never been great. But, plenty of terrible QBs and terrible WRs and terrible RBs in terrible offenses have managed 400 yards at least once.

The Steelers simply do not score points. A last-second heave from Pickett to George Pickens last Sunday helped the Steelers topple the Baltimore Ravens and move into first place in the AFC North. That probably saved Canada's job, despite the sobering fact that the last-second heave left the Steelers' point total at a whopping 17 for the game. Not exactly explosive.

It would appear that the plan is for Pittsburgh's lead decision-makers to spend their bye week workshopping potential solutions to the offensive problem. Maybe after 2.5 years of ineptitude, Canada and company finally unearth the solution.

Odds are, however, that will not be the case. The Steelers have magicked their way to 3-2 despite a strikingly negative point differential, mainly on the strength of T.J. Watt and a dominant defense. Canada continues to hide his savaged reputation behind lucky breaks and the work of defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

We will see if the Steelers can maintain their winning pace, but it's unlikely with such an impotent offense. Until meaningful changes are made, the Steelers' competitive ceiling will remain capped.