Steelers reportedly sign another underwhelming weapon for Russell Wilson

Much like Russell Wilson, the Steelers answer at wide receiver has been underwhelming so far.

Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks
Philadelphia Eagles v Seattle Seahawks / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Yeah, this isn't going to cut it.

The Pittsburgh Steelers traded away Diontae Johnson to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for draft capital and cornerback help. Since doing so, Pittsburgh has tried replacing him via free agency, and perhaps eventually the NFL Draft. That hasn't worked out in their favor.

The Steelers never got to meet with Mike Williams, who instead signed with Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets. Brandon Aiyuk of the San Francisco 49ers, who sees the writing on the wall for his time by the Bay, has flirted with a trade to Pittsburgh as well. Aiyuk's price tag -- both to acquire him via trade and his contract thereafter -- may not be worth the trouble.

So far, Pittsburgh's decision-making in free agency has been sound at every position but wide receiver. The Steelers first signed Van Jefferson, and now former Philadelphia Eagles speedster Quez Watkins.

Quez Watkins cannot be the Steelers Diontae Johnson replacement

Watkins is a fine deep threat, but he also fills a role the Steelers already have an answer for in Calvin Austin. If anything, Pittsburgh is lacking a solid possession receiver opposite of George Pickens, who is still developing as a route runner. As talented as Pickens is, that's going to take some time, as is getting used to a new quarterback in Wilson.

Watkins best season with the Eagles came in 2021, when he caught 43 passes for 647 yards and a touchdown. In four years with Philly, Watkins caught 98 passes for 1,249 yards and six touchdowns. He also ran a 4.35 40-yard dash coming out of college.

I'm not here to suggest Watkins can't be a productive member of the Steelers receiving corps, but he shouldn't be the answer after trading Johnson to Carolina. Pittsburgh has a habit of selecting wide receivers in Day 2 of the NFL Draft, and they seem hell-bent on doing so again.

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