3 Stefon Diggs trades Bills missed out on, 1 they can still make

The Buffalo Bills lost again on Monday night, leading some to question why they didn't trade Stefon Diggs when they had the chance, including Diggs own brother.
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Cleveland Browns could have traded for Stefon Diggs

Buffalo trading one of their best players to an AFC contender would have been tough to swallow, but stick with me. Cleveland is outside their division, and lacking a real downfield threat opposite Amari Cooper. Even on his best day, Cooper isn't Diggs caliber, despite his ability as a route runner.

Considering the amount of money Cleveland spent on Deshaun Watson, providing him with one of the best receiving corps in the NFL is their next step. The only way this disturbing experiment will end well for the Browns is if they put the right pieces around Deshaun. At 6-3, the Browns have turned their season around and are currently in better standing than the Bills. Cleveland is just a half-game behind the Ravens in the crowded AFC North.

The Browns passing offense has looked much improved then last few weeks. This team was dealt a bad hand early in the season when Nick Chubb, one of the most electrifying running backs in the NFL, was lost for the season. Without Chubb, the Browns had to reinvent their offense. Had they acquired a pass-catcher like Diggs, perhaps that change could've happened a lot quicker.

Cleveland will still be interested in wide receivers this offseason, so a Diggs trade isn't out of the question then, either. But Buffalo missed out on some extraordinary draft capital by holding on to their star pass catcher.