3 Stefon Diggs trades Bills missed out on, 1 they can still make

The Buffalo Bills lost again on Monday night, leading some to question why they didn't trade Stefon Diggs when they had the chance, including Diggs own brother.
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Dallas Cowboys still can trade for Trevon Diggs brother if they choose

The Cowboys do not have an urgent need at wide receiver. They have CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup, plus they traded for Brandin Cooks this past offseason. Dak Prescott seems very comfortable with the group he has at his disposal. However, don't put it past Jerry Jones to go star hunting.

Diggs has denied seeking a trade this past offseason, though the Cowboys were considered among the favorites to land him due to his close relationship with his brother, Trevon Diggs. The younger Diggs was very active on social media during the Bills loss on Monday night, and didn't hide his feelings as to the ineptitude Stefon Diggs is dealing with on a by-game basis. This isn't the first time Trevon has hinted at wanting the Cowboys to trade for his older brother. Stefon even gave the idea some credence last offseason.

“It’s a goal of mine for sure,” Stefon said. “In a perfect world, you know, I know he say all the time ‘we’ll be on the same team playing in the Super Bowl’, but you know, if anything we’ll play against each other. If not, I’ll take it any way I can get it.”

If Buffalo's free-fall continues and Dallas wants to upgrade its passing attack, trading for Stefon would be a better option than rolling the dice in the NFL Draft.