Super Bowl Squares results 2024: First quarter, halftime, third quarter, final scores

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Super Bowl Squares is one of the best ways for fans to have a little stake in the NFL's championship game but not be overcommitted and still being able to enjoy themselves. Its rise in popularity over recent years when it comes to the Super Bowl and how fans get invested has been something to behold, and it figures to once again be a talking point for Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

For the uninitiated, Super Bowl Squares features a 10x10 grid with people paying for a square in the grid. After the grid is filled, numbers are assigned to the x and y axes along with a team playing in the Super Bowl being assigned to each axis. Winners are then determined at the end of every quarter in Super Bowl LVIII when the final number in the score corresponds to a square, usually with a progressive payout for each quarter. For reference, if the score was Chiefs 7, 49ers 7 at the end of the first quarter, whoever had the square where the 7 and 7 on each axis intersect would be the first winner.

It's a great deal of fun, even if there is a lot of luck involved. But who will be lucky on Sunday night for the Chiefs-49ers matchup in Super Bowl LVIII? We've got you covered with running updates throughout the Big Game with the scores and results for every quarter.

Super Bowl first quarter score: Super Bowl Squares results and winners

The first quarter Super Bowl Squares results was a score of 0-0, meaning the double-zero box on the grid. The first 15 minutes of play in Super Bowl 58 was hectic without finding the end zone. Christian McCaffrey's fumble ruined the 49ers' opening drive and, while San Francisco was driving late, they couldn't convert before the quarter ended, though they did almost entirely stifle Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Super Bowl halftime score: Super Bowl Squares results and winners

It's a 49ers 10, Chiefs 3 halftime score for the Super Bowl Squares watchers out there, making the winning numbers at half 49ers 0 and Chiefs 3. Offense hasn't even been a tough go of it overall in Super Bowl LVIII but turnovers have been the bigger story. After CMC's fumble in the fourth quarter, Isiah Pacheco cost the Chiefs inside the 10-yard line with what could've been a scoring drive. Harrison Butker did add a field goal as McCaffrey scored on a pass from receiver Jajuan Jennings to give us the scoring.

Super Bowl third quarter score: Super Bowl Squares results and winners

In an absolutely wild third quarter, the score ended at Chiefs 13, 49ers 10, giving us a Super Bowl Squares win for Chiefs 3 and 49ers 0, the same as at halftime, so a nice payday if you had that square. It could've been much different, but a Niners special teams blunder gave the Chiefs the ball inside the red zone while San Francisco was up 10-6 at the time, allowing Mahomes to find Marquez Valdes-Scantling for a touchdown to give us this tally.

Super Bowl fourth quarter score: What does Super Bowl Squares do with overtime?

The Super Bowl was tied 19-19 at the end of four quarters of regulation. However, this will not factor into Super Bowl Squares in most pools. The normal rules are that the final winner is determined by the "final score", not the score at the end of regulation. As such, the 9-9 square will not be the winner, it will instead be the score at the end of overtime.

Super Bowl final score 2023: Super Bowl Squares results and winners

The final score was Chiefs 25, 49ers 22, making the winning final score Super Bowl Squares numbers Chiefs 5/49ers 2. It was an epic overtime game between the two, but it was Mahomes who came through after the 49ers settled for an OT field goal, finding Mecole Hardman for the win.

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