Who are the refs for Super Bowl 58, Chiefs-49ers? Officiating crew, notable moments

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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If there's on storyline that every NFL fan doesn't want to see come to the forefront in the Super Bowl, it's the refs. Unfortunately, that has not historically been the case as NFL officials have made a mark on several Super Bowls over the years. The first meeting between Super Bowl LVIII contenders, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, was not one of them, thankfully.

That game, of course, was won by the Chiefs. Now Patrick Mahomes and Co. are back in the Big Game trying to win back-to-back Super Bowl crowns. The 49ers are more than capable of preventing that from happening, however, as they cruised to the NFC's No. 1 seed and have looked like the class of the NFL behind Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, Brock Purdy and more in Kyle Shanahan's offense.

We want to see these stars make their impact on the Super Bowl, not the refs. But which refs will be officiating Super Bowl LVIII? Let's take a look at the whole crew.

Who are the refs for Super Bowl LVIII, Chiefs-49ers? Full officiating crew

Bill Vinovich will be the head referee for Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday night in Las Vegas, making it the third time he's officiated a Super Bowl. Coincidentally, the last time he officiated the Big Game was the first time the Chiefs and 49ers met four years ago. Here's a look at the full officiating crew for Sunday's contest with Vinovich.

NFL Official

Super Bowl LVIII Officiating Role

Bill Vinovich

Head Referee

Terry Killens


Patrick Holt

Down Judge

Mark Perlman

Line Judge

Tom Hill

Field Judge

Allen Baynes

Side Judge

Brad Freeman

Back Judge

Mike Chase

Replay Official

Vinovich isn't the only official with Super Bowl experience as Mark Perlman, Tom Hill and Mike Chase all also have some experience on the NFL's biggest stage for its refs, including some experience working on a crew with Vinovich.

At the same time, the other four officials on this crew -- Terry Killens, Patrick Holt, Allen Baynes and Brad Freeman -- will be working the Super Bowl for the first time in their officiating careers.

Vinovich, however, isn't coming into this game without controversy in his NFL career. While he overall did a solid job in Super Bowl LIV between the Chiefs and 49ers, he was only one year removed, at the time, from a disastrous missed call in the Saints-Rams NFC Championship Game. The blatant pass interference that was not called eventually instituted a rule change to review missed PI calls it was so bad.

They will be hoping to avoid any such controversy in Super Bowl LVIII with the millions upon millions of fans watching.

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