Tommy Devito's mafia agent has been fired and replaced... sort of

As Tommy Devito continues to elevate to fame, he has made an addition to his representation.

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Since being forced into a starting role with the New York Giants in a Week 9 game against the Raiders, Tommy Devito has remained a major headline across the NFL. He has also embraced his role as a symbol of Italian heritage.

Multiple things have elevated Devito to stardom; his impressive record as just an undrafted free agent (3-2), the fact that he still lives at home, and his agent who looks like a mafia boss. But recently Sean Stellato has made headlines of his own.

Making his first appearance on the field before a Monday night game against the Packers, many people didn’t know who he was or what he was doing. But since then Stellato has become an icon of his own. He has been turned into a meme across the internet and shown constantly in Devito’s games (most notably in the stands with Devito’s family). Stellato was inducted into the Italian-American Hall of Fame. But as Devito’s fame continues to increase, he has decided to bring in new help.

Fired? No, Replaced? Yes

Devito had been making regular appearances at a family-owned Italian restaurant until Stellato doubled the rate for Devito’s appearance and the family could no longer afford it. Devito eventually showed up at the restaurant free of charge. But apparently, that whole fiasco was a misunderstanding.

Earlier in December, Devito was already making moves. Looking to further capitalize on his fame, he hired big-shot agent Maxx Lepselter of Maxx MGMT according to the New York Post. Lepselter is the agent to high-profile clients such as Tiki Barber, Donovan McNabb, Lawrence Taylor, and now Devito.

Although this would appear to be bad news for Stellato, he is not going anywhere when it comes to Devito. Lepselter is going to take over the marketing side for Devito, capitalizing on his growing fame. As for Stellato, he will continue to represent Devito on the field, doing things such as negotiating contracts. We will see what Devito does with the remaining three games, maybe he will earn the starting job for the Giants.

Good for Tommy Devito. As a football player and especially as an undrafted free agent you never know how long he’ll have this opportunity to capitalize off himself like he is doing right now.

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