Under Armour takes shot at Fanatics and MLB with savage social media trolling

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Calling the Fanatics rollout of MLB jerseys for the 2024 season a fiasco would be an insult to fiascoes. Looking like they were fresh off the racks of Temu, the new Nike jerseys courtesy of Fanatics have see-through pants, a cheap aesthetic that players hate, mismatched cuffings, and have even caused an NSFW moment or two in spring training.

It's been truly awful to this point as fans have already been calling for drastic changes to be made at the start of spring training. Nothing has come about to this point but, in the meantime, other brands are already taking shots at Fanatics and Nike over the immensely flawed rollout of these jerseys.

And to say that Under Armour didn't hold back -- even with just a simple message on X/Twitter -- would be putting it lightly.

Under Armour trolls Fanatics with savage social media shot

There was nothing over the top, but Under Armour's X/Twitter account was absolutely savage in taking aim at Fanatics, simply showing that they sportswear company knows how to make baseball pants that aren't an abject disaster.

Wow! Who knew that white baseball pants could be designed to not be completely transparent? Oh yeah, that's every other quality manufacturer of baseball pants in the sport's history that can do that.

There are plenty of times when new jerseys, colorways or things of the like when it comes to uniforms are overly criticized by fans and the media. There is nothing overly critical about this instance with Fanatics, though. They absolutely botched this to the highest degree, seemingly sending out a product that cut every corner and cost in ways that greatly affected the quality.

With such immense blowback on Fanatics, one should expect the calls for these jerseys to undergo sudden changes to continue until something, well, changes.

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