Watch heroic Chiefs fans tackle suspected Super Bowl parade shooter

Chiefs Super Bowl parade
Chiefs Super Bowl parade / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and their fans were celebrating their Super Bowl victory when tragedy struck on Wednesday. One person was killed and more than a dozen injured after a shooting at the parade.

It was a terrifying situation, but in the words of the late Fred Rogers, whenever there are scary things, "look for the helpers." You do indeed always find them.

Multiple Chiefs fans are being hailed as heroes after tackling one of the alleged shooters. Video of the incredible moment was captured from overhead.

Watch Chiefs fans tackle alleged shooter at Super Bowl parade

Police Chief Stacey Graves could not confirm that citizens aided in the arrest of either of the two suspects who have been taken into custody.

Pictures from the aftermath appeared to show a rifle on the ground near the man who was ultimately arrested by police. In the video, you can see a woman with a white shirt and red sleeves pick up what looks like a rifle and move it away from the scuffle. A similar-looking rifle appears in the still image.

Some on social media believe they have identified two of the men who helped take down the alleged shooter as Trey Filter and Paul Contreras. Police have not verified their identities.

Whoever they were, their courage cannot be overstated. Chiefs fans at the parade on Wednesday were in real peril and it looks like the helpers stepped up to prevent further tragedy.

Officials will ultimately clarify the picture as the investigation into exactly what happened and why continues. For now, Kansas City owes a debt to the heroes who thought they were at the parade to celebrate the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, then became celebrated themselves.

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