Watch Patrick Mahomes fiery speech to Chiefs before Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Mahomes described the Super Bowl as a business trip. Observers thought he looked as locked in as ever during practices in the lead-up.

The Kansas City Chiefs QB was pure fire in the pre-game huddle with his teammates before kickoff.

"Go out there and take that s--t! Every single snap! Everything you've got for the guy beside you!" Mahomes shouted. "Find a way to get a win!"

Are you ready to run through a wall yet?

Fiery Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs pre-Super Bowl huddle

Mahomes has been here before. He knows what it takes to find a way to get a win in the Super Bowl. Doing it once is hard enough. He's done it twice. He's on a mission to make it three Super Bowl rings.

The Chiefs started the 2023 season on a tear, going 6-1. However, they stumbled down the stretch. Many wondered if this Chiefs team had what it takes to contend for the ultimate prize.


In the playoffs, they've answered that question. While continuing to lean on a stout defense and their impervious quarterback, Kansas City dispatched the Dolphins in the Wild Card round despite the frigid cold. Then they went to Buffalo and silenced the doubters who wondered if they could handle going on the road in the playoffs. In the AFC Championship Game, Mahomes and company proved their chops by taking down MVP Lamar Jackson.

Now, Mahomes is tasked with leading his team to another victory despite rare underdog status.

He's fired up and so are the Chiefs.

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