What Euroleague team you should root for based on your favorite NBA team

Are you an NBA fan who has decided to take the journey and watch EuroLeague basketball for the first time for the 2023-24 season? Does rooting for a specific team make you more engaged? Then this is the place for you, your ultimate guide to which EuroLeague team you should root for.

Real Madrid Vs Basket Zaragoza - ACB League
Real Madrid Vs Basket Zaragoza - ACB League / Borja B. Hojas/GettyImages
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The 2023-24 EuroLeague season is almost upon us and with it new fans will tune in from all over the world. Primarily from Europe, but new viewers from America get entranced by their favorite game being played on the old continent every season. These new fans often have the same question when they start watching. 

Who should I root for? 

The reality is, that there are reasons to root for or against every single EuroLeague team. It all comes down to personal preference, and what you’re looking for when picking a rooting interest. Do you like rooting for teams that most people love? Do you like rooting for teams that most people hate? Are you a bandwagoner? Do you like rooting for up-and-coming teams trying to make the most of challenging circumstances?

No matter how you answered all of these questions, there’s still a handful of teams that could fit your desires. EuroLeague is full of historically successful clubs, formerly successful clubs, successful newcomers, and yes — even unsuccessful newcomers. All are welcome, many remain, and some come in and out. We covered how teams participated in EuroLeague earlier this summer. 

Now, instead of doing a deep dive on each NBA team individually and who their exact EuroLeague counterpart would be, which would be impossible, we decided to group teams and provide a brief overview of who you should root for if you want more of the same or a change of pace from your favorite EuroLeague team.

Maybe you’re sick of rooting for a team that’s got high expectations every season and want to root for a team that treasures every win. Or perhaps you’re sick of rooting for a loser and just want to say screw it and bandwagon with a winner and rub some championships in opposing fans' faces. We’re going to give you both of those options, with a brief description of why this EuroLeague team could fit your rooting interests. 

All NBA teams and all EuroLeague teams are included. Now, let’s begin.

EuroLeague Team you should root for if you’re a fan of the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Clippers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings, or Washington Wizards

Atlanta Hawks

More of the same: Olimpia Milano

Why? You’ve got one really good player — Trae Young for the Hawks and Nikola Mirotic for Milano — but no one is particularly fond of them. Mirotic drew more ire this summer after the toxicity of his transfer saga. Young’s has been building around the league and even within Atlanta’s locker room for some time. Atlanta’s a great city, not quite Milan — not even close to Milan really, sorry Atlanta — but still a nice city with a deep sports culture. Both teams never really win anything either. Their teams are often good, but rarely champions. 

Change of pace: FC Barcelona

Why? Barcelona wins sometimes, at least domestically they do. They always have expectations and are usually successful. Whether those expectations are reasonable or not is a different question, but this will likely bring more happiness than rooting for the Hawks. 

Charlotte Hornets

More of the same: LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne

Why? Maybe you like losing, you like that you head into every season with the mentality that it’s fun to have zero expectations of success. You’ve got your entertaining dynamic guard — LaMelo Ball and Nando De Colo — and some other fun pieces, like P.J. Washington and Mike Scott. That’s enough for you. 

Change of pace: Maccabi Tel Aviv

Why? Maccabi is one of the most successful clubs in the history of EuroLeague basketball and after a run of poor seasons following their 2014 title, they are on the cusp of contending and may break through this season. Get on the bandwagon now if you want to root for a winner. 

Los Angeles Clippers

More of the same: Valencia Basket

Why? You enjoy being the less successful younger child. Who cares that your domestic rivals are way more successful? You’ve got a nice arena — or are getting a new one soon — and excellent team facilities. You don’t need success to have nice things. 

Change of pace: Real Madrid

Why? You’re jealous of your older siblings, you envy their success, and you want some of your own. 

Minnesota Timberwolves

More of the same: FC Bayern Munich

Why? You never win, you’ve got a new foreign big man that could help you be successful but you’re not sure. You’ve got fun young guards though, like Sylvain Francisco or Anthony Edwards. Last season was bad but everyone is kind of sleeping on you for the 2023-24 season, and you’re ready to correct those who stepped on you when you were down. 

Change of pace: Olympiacos

Why? There have been a couple of times this century when you thought YOU were going to be the new dynasty. Kevin Garnett was supposed to take you there, then Karl-Anthony Towns. Neither delivered, so you’re going to root for the team that has been a dynasty since 2010: Olympiacos. 

Sacramento Kings

More of the same: FC Bayern Munich

Why? Making the playoffs is a successful season. You’ve got fun guards and a good and experienced head coach. Maybe you break through to the Final Four one of these seasons, maybe you won’t. You’re along for the ride either way. 

Change of pace: Milano

Why? They may not win a lot, but they win more than you’re used to. They expect to make the playoffs but aren’t quite a guaranteed contender every year. This lets you root for a winner without bandwagoning because you’re loyal to your Kings roots. 

Washington Wizards

More of the same: LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne

Why? A nice city, but you’re not known for basketball success. You’re okay with that, the nice city is more important. 

Change of pace: Anadolu Efes Istanbul

Why? John Wall and Bradley Beal were supposed to bring you what Steph Curry and Klay Thompson brought the Warriors. Now, you’re getting behind Darius Thompson and Shane Larkin to get the dynamic championship-winning backcourt you yearn for.