What Euroleague team you should root for based on your favorite NBA team

Are you an NBA fan who has decided to take the journey and watch EuroLeague basketball for the first time for the 2023-24 season? Does rooting for a specific team make you more engaged? Then this is the place for you, your ultimate guide to which EuroLeague team you should root for.

Real Madrid Vs Basket Zaragoza - ACB League
Real Madrid Vs Basket Zaragoza - ACB League / Borja B. Hojas/GettyImages
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EuroLeague Team you should root for if you’re a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, Orlando Magic, Portland Trail Blazers, Toronto Raptors, or the Utah Jazz

Memphis Grizzlies

More of the same: FC Barcelona

Why? You’re good, not great. Your team is led by a thrilling point guard — Nicolas Lapprovitola and Ja Morant — and that’s all you need to enjoy basketball. If you win something that matters along the way, great. If you don’t, that’s okay too. Lastly, let’s not forget that Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, and Juan Carlos Navarro all played for both the Grizzlies and Barcelona.

Change of pace: Real Madrid

Why? You want those championship or bust expectations, you want to root for a big market team with big market players who want to stay there. This is your chance. 

New Orleans Pelicans

More of the same: Bayern Munich

Why? You should be good? But you keep coming up short because of things that seem to be out of your control? The breakthrough is coming eventually though, you’re sure of that. 

Change of pace: Panathinaikos

Why? You want championships. You want to point to decorated history when people talk trash about your modern struggles. Finally, you can have that up your sleeve. 

Orlando Magic

More of the same: Zalgiris Kaunas

Why? You’re fun to watch and for the most part, everyone likes you because you are not seen as a threat. You watch basketball because it’s fun, not to be ultra-competitive. 

Change of pace: Fenerbahce

Why? There are new dynasties that you can hitch your wagon to while maybe still avoiding the bandwagon label. Fenerbahce is one of them, get on now. 

Portland Trail Blazers

More of the same: Baskonia

Why? Your best players always leave, and you never win a championship, but that pain is actually what drives your love for the game. Having the players before they start winning championships is the best part. 

Change of pace: Maccabi Tel Aviv

Why? Pick one of the most successful teams in the history of the competition, but one that isn’t quite comparable to the Lakers or the Celtics. 

Toronto Raptors

More of the same: Crvena Zvezda Red Star Belgrade

Why? Your fans are incredibly passionate but also despised by the rest of the league. You don’t win, but who cares? Passion matters more than titles. 

Change of pace: Anadolu Efes Istanbul

Why? They didn’t make the playoffs last season, so no one can say you’re just picking one of the best teams, right? 

Utah Jazz

More of the same: Zalgiris Kaunas

Why? You’ve got a great basketball culture. Not a ton to show for it, but everyone respects your organization regardless. 

Change of pace: AS Monaco Basket

Why? Who needs culture when money can buy success?