Dez Bryant, Jason Witten have heated argument on sideline (GIF)

Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys suffered yet another heart-breaking loss on Sunday afternoon after Matthew Stafford made an incredible heads up play to go for the win instead of spiking the ball with a few seconds to go and it paid off with a Detroit Lions win.

Stafford signaled for the spike and the Cowboys defense wasn’t paying attention, so Stafford made the decision to jump over the line and score the touchdown.

After the Lions tied up the game late, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant had another complete meltdown on the sideline. Bryant and Witten were involved in a very heated exchange before DeMarcus Ware stepped in between them to calm Bryant down.

Here is a GIF of the confrontation, via GIFD Sports:


It wasn’t the first time that Bryant lost his mind on the sideline today, either.

Earlier in the game, Bryant went after the coaching staff and Tony Romo. It’s a shame we won’t have cameras in the Cowboys locker room, because this meltdown will likely only continue.


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  • Josh Boutwell

    Demarcus Ware bitched Dez out at the end there.

  • Wiggymaster

    And this is why Baby Bryant will never be Calvin. Calvin’s a man, and not a little boy in a 6 ft body like Dez.

    Megatron is the best receiver in the NFL, but you’d never know it to talk to him. He doesn’t talk – he lets his plays do the talking. More than that, he respects and loves his team mates as if they were family. He’s always the first to celebrate successful plays whether or not he’s involved – he’s there with a big smile and a hug for anyone close to him. When a tough play gets blown or a setback occurs, he’s there to pat his team mates on the back and aims to keep spirits up. He’s had hundreds of bad calls made against him, as well as entire rules defined for him, but he takes it all in stride, smiling coyly and waving off the haters like insects. He gets frustrated occasionally like anyone else, but he doesn’t let it affect his game, and most certainly his relationship with his team mates. This is all part of what makes him Calvin Johnson, and part of what makes him the best receiver in the league; it’s just as important as all his talent as far as I’m concerned. You spend time building trust and earning respect, and if that trust and respect isn’t there, it doesn’t matter how good you are, because you aren’t part of the team.

    The two receivers can be summarized in the direction their teams’ have gone in since they joined. Johnson was drafted by a terrible team, and has helped to make them good. Baby Bryant was drafted by a great team, and has helped to make them mediocre. As a Lion’s fan who spent many years watching his team snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as Dallas did today, I don’t see a very bright future for Dallas as things stand, not only by losing a game this way but by the reaction of their “star player”. When you create tension in the locker room, you create tension on the field, you create tension in the stadium, and you create tension in the front office. You create tension everywhere.

    Lil Bryant isn’t worth that tension. Ask Titus Young what happens to stars who think they’re bigger than the team in this league.

  • tax payer

    He needs to go because I think he wants the football thrown to him on every passing play and that’s not going to happen with the Dallas Cowboys. I lost respect for him, when i found out he attacked his mother and I am not even a Cowboys fan.

  • Kevin Ellens

    Calvin Johnson is a humble warrior. Period. End of story. Oh yeah, plus the best wide receiver in the game of football today.