Jacksonville Jaguars fans chant for Blake Bortles (Video)

Even after Blake Bortles had a very impressive preseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ coaching staff remained committed to leaving the rookie on the bench.

It wasn’t a punishment, of course, rather they preferred Blake Bortles learn the game the ‘right way’. It’s an understandable sentiment in the correct situation, but when you’re starting Chad Henne, there’s really no reason for Blake Bortles to be on the sideline.

Apparently, a significant amount of Jacksonville Jaguars fans feel the same way as they are currently chanting for the rookie quarterback to make his NFL debut.

Currently 0-2, the Jacksonville Jaguars look well on their way to another loss as they currently trail the Indianapolis Colts by twenty points in the second quarter. Henne, meanwhile has been his relatively average self, going 3 of 6 for 19 yards as the Jags near halftime.

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t the only unhappy patrons wanting a new quarterback on the field as last week, fans of the Minnesota Vikings chanted for fellow rookie signal caller Teddy Bridgewater to see the field as well. They did get their wish, though, it was due to injury.

You have to think it’s simply a matter of time until the Jacksonville Jaguars finally pull the plug on the Chad Henne experiment and give Blake Bortles the starting job. There’s simply no way the franchise can continue this, especially after they decided to spend some money in free agency and had high hopes for the season.

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