R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl Odds & Prediction


Here are the odds and prediction for the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl!

Bowl season starts this weekend, and that means that I am back with my final odds and predictions for the 2015 college football season. I am assured of at least a .500 mark, but I will fall short of my goal of 55%. I want to keep right around the 53% that I am at now. However, I did well in my new points system, which will carry over into bowl season.

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In case you missed how the point scale works, here is a brief rundown:

5. A lock. I am comfortable making a sizable wager on this game.

4. Very confident. Not quite a lock, but I am comfortable making a decent sized wager on it.

3. Middle of the road. Good enough that I would make a small wager on it.

2. Could go either way. So much so that I wouldn’t bet on it.

1. Stay away from these.

Take note that any games that involve 1-AA teams will NOT be picked. That means I will be staying away from the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl. I haven’t paid much attention to FCS schools this year. It wont do anyone any good for me to make only a slightly educated guess on the game.

Just in case you missed any:

Now on to the final Saturday Bowl, the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl!

Arkansas State vs. Louisiana Tech(-1.5) at New Orleans(3):

Arkansas State (9-3, 8-0):

Wins: vs. Missouri State(70-7), vs. Idaho(49-35), at South Alabama(49-31), vs. Louisiana-Lafayette(37-27), vs. Georgia State(48-34), at Appalachian State(40-27), at Louisiana-Monroe(59-21), at New Mexico State(52-28), vs. Texas State(55-17)

Losses: at USC(6-55), vs. Missouri(20-27), at Toledo(7-37)

Record vs. bowl teams: 2-2

Louisiana Tech (8-4, 6-2):

Wins: vs. Southern(62-15), vs. Florida International(27-17), vs. Louisiana-Lafayette(43-14), at UTSA(34-31), vs. Middle Tennessee State(45-16), at Rice(42-17), vs. North Texas(56-13), at UTEP(17-15)

Losses: at Western Kentucky(38-41), at Kansas State(33-39), at Mississippi State(20-45), vs. Southern Mississippi(24-58)

Record vs. bowl teams: 1-4

The Red Wolves started the season 1-3, but did not lose after September 26th. Fredi Knighten struggled against USC and Missouri, but he guided the team to an undefeated conference season in a conference that placed three teams in bowl games. Knighten is a significant threat, and will be hard to stop.

Florida transfer Jeff Driskel put up impressive numbers at Louisiana Tech, even taking Big 12 bowl team Kansas State to triple overtime in the Little Apple before falling. Louisiana Tech has dealt with a few high powered offenses this year, but they lost to all three of them. Running back Kenneth Dixon is going to be playing on Sunday next year. He is that good. This kind of player can change the game, and is likely the reason the Bulldogs are favored.

Louisiana-Lafayette is the only common opponent between the teams. Arkansas State beat the Cajuns by ten. Louisiana Tech beat them by 29. That swings the pick towards Louisiana Tech. The fact that it is in their home state is also an advantage. So why did I pick Arkansas State? Because they have scored 50 points in three straight games, and haven’t lost since it was warm outside.

My pick: Arkansas State

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