Davante Adams-Aaron Rodgers relationship goes deeper than Packers bond

There was been much ado about the relationship between Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers, but it seems the former Green Bay Packers teammates remain friends.

Even though Davante Adams left Green Bay to play with his best friend on his childhood team, it’s a decision that still stings for Packers fans.

Adams has confirmed that the Raiders offered him less money than the Packers, and considering that both Adams and Rodgers were quiet after Adams left, it’s easy to fill in the silence with assumptions. Rodgers has made it clear in recent seasons that he wants to play in Green Bay his way, and Adams was an integral part of that. According to Sharp Football Analysis, Adams was second among all NFL receivers in target share in 2021, and he led the league in target share over the past four years at 27.6 percent.

But Adams’ and Rodgers’ friendship seems to extend beyond football. Over the weekend, Adams and Rodgers posted a photo together as the two went golfing.

Two days before their golf outing, Adams indicated that it was not knowing whether or not Aaron Rodgers would remain in Green Bay that became a “big factor” in his decision to leave.

But Adams also said that the talent level between Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers is “really similar,” demonstrating loyalty to both past and present quarterbacks.

With a flurry of what can be perceived as mixed messages, one thing is clear: Davante Adams still has a great deal of respect for Aaron Rodgers.

Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers remain close friends beyond Packers

In all of his comments, Adams hasn’t said anything to malign Rodgers. Being asked to compare Derek Carr and Aaron Rodgers put Adams in a difficult position, but saying that the two are comparable isn’t such a stretch: they are both NFL starting quarterbacks, and at that elite level, the difference in talent is marginal. Rodgers is considered a Hall of Fame quarterback at this point, and Adams has offered plenty of glowing praise about Rodgers in the past. Saying they’re similar isn’t intended to undervalue Rodgers, but it illustrates the belief Adams maintains in both quarterbacks.

Speaking of belief, it wasn’t an insult for Adams to be honest about his uncertainty about Rodgers. Rodgers kept Green Bay on edge for over a year with his decision, even teasing potential retirement after he won his fourth NFL MVP Award this February.

If Adams wasn’t in the room and had to make a decision for himself and his family’s future, it makes sense that he would choose the path that led to Las Vegas.

Although the two haven’t posted much about each other publicly, Adams has made it clear that privately, the dynamic quarterback-wide receiver duo have remained close friends.

“We talked throughout the whole process, and he was aware of where I stood, and I was aware of where he stood,” Adams said. “We’ve had a lot of good talks. He understands where I’m coming from, I understand where he was coming from, so we just kind of left it at that.”

Rodgers only has a few years left in his NFL career, while Adams is only 29 years old. To make the most of his NFL career, Adams had to leave Green Bay — but their friendship hasn’t suffered for it.