Chiefs launch 'KC Strong' fund to support victims and families of parade shooting

The Kansas City Chiefs launched an emergency response fund following a tragic mass shooting during their Super Bowl parade.

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade / David Eulitt/GettyImages

A tragic incident marred the celebration of the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade on Wednesday, February 14.

The Super Bowl parade took a tragic turn of events when a mass shooting resulted in the death of one woman and left 22 others injured. The deceased was identified as Elizabeth "Lisa" Lopez-Galvan. The 43-year-old was a mother of two and popular radio host at KKFI's 90.1 FM.

Kansas City Chiefs launch fund after the Super Bowl parade mass shooting

In the wake of the shooting, the Kansas City Chiefs announced an emergency response fund in conjunction with the United Way called "Kansas City Strong." The Kansas City Strong fund will support victims and their families while providing funding for violence prevention programs, mental health services and first responders. The team, the Hunt Family Foundation and the NFL are supporting the cause with a $200,000 donation.

"Just like Chiefs Kingdom has always been there for me and my family, we want to be there for them," Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes shared on social media.

"We woke up as champions expecting to celebrate a day in triumph," the fund's statement says. "Instead, February 14th will be remembered for its tragedy. ... This moment is an opportunity to turn our collective outrage into action. This is why together, the Chiefs and United Way are creating a special emergency fund to support our community in its efforts to heal and become more resilient in the wake of these horrific events.

"Funds raised will first and foremost go to support the victims and their families. ... Secondly, we recognize that this type of violence is rampant throughout our region – often in lower-income communities far away from the spotlight of media attention.  That is why funds raised here will also support violence prevention and recovery organizations, including mental health support services. Finally, in these moments we realize just how important it is to have brave people who run towards the danger to keep us all safe. That is why funds raised through this effort will also go to support first responders."

Taylor Swift, who is dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, donated $100,000 to the family of Lopez-Galvan.

"Sending my deepest sympathies and condolences in the wake of your devastating loss," Swift wrote along with the GoFundMe donation.

Roughly one million fans were in attendance to celebrate what was meant to be a joyous occasion. Over 800 police officers were in the vicinity. According to Kansas City police chief Stacey Graves, the gunshot victims ranged from ages 8 to 47. At least half of the victims involved in the mass shooting were under the age of 16. All of the victims are expected to recover.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes paid a visit to Children's Mercy Hospital on Friday to visit the Reyes family, whose eight- and 10-year-old daughters sustained gunshot wounds.

Two juvenile suspects were charged in connection with the shooting. The shootings occurred outside of Union Station and appeared to stem from a dispute, police said. The suspects, whose names are not being released due to their age, are currently being held on gun-related charges, according to the 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri's Jackson County Family Court Division.

The shooting marks the latest sports celebration to end in gun violence, following a shooting in downtown Denver after the Denver Nuggets won the 2023 NBA championship.

Donations can be made online or by mail. Visit the Kansas City Strong website here for more information.

Taylor Swift donates large sum to family of woman killed in Chiefs parade shooting. Taylor Swift donates large sum to family of woman killed in Chiefs parade shooting. dark. Next