Cryptic Chris Jones tweet only adds to Chiefs fans’ panic

Chris Jones is not letting the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase rest easy.

Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs
Chris Jones, Kansas City Chiefs / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to work diligently toward an extension with All-Pro DT Chris Jones, who began the 2023 season with a holdout due to breakdowns in contract negotiations. While the three-time champ clearly wants to stay in K.C. and pursue history, money talks. If the Chiefs don't put a suitable offer on the table, Jones will prioritize his own best interests. He has earned that right.

The Chiefs fanbase has been keenly aware of Jones' unusual Twitter activity this offseason. The 29-year-old put fans on high alert when he responded to a tweet about a potential move to the Las Vegas Raiders. In his response, Jones decidedly did not shoot down the possibility.

That sets the stage for a potentially explosive betrayal, with Jones leaving Kansas City for the Chiefs' foremost AFC West rival. Other vague tweets have only ratcheted up the stress currently infecting the fandom.

Jones continued his Twitter parade on Saturday, leaving Chiefs fans with one ominous emoji to mull over for the rest of the weekend.

Chris Jones' latest tweet keeps Chiefs Kingdom in flux

It's generally unwise to read into NFL players' tweets, but Jones isn't operating with much subtly here. The Chiefs can negotiate with Jones all they want, but Jones is demanding $30 million annually and a contract that lives up to his sterling reputation. There aren't too many superior resumés on the defensive line. Jones was integral to the Chiefs' latest Super Bowl run. Finances are understandably tight in KC, but Jones will leave if he isn't paid the proper respect. That much is clear.

An hourglass can only mean so many things. The clock is ticking — on the Chiefs, in reality with the legal tampering period beginning in less than 48 hours, and on Jones' tenure with the Chiefs. Conversations between the two sides have "been positive," per NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, but if the two sides were in agreement, we would have heard about it already. It's notable how persistently the door is left open for Jones to relocate.

Jones was the leader of the NFL's No. 2 defense last season, registering 30 tackles, 29 QB hits, and 10.5 sacks in 16 games. He made first-team All-Pro for the second straight season. One of the latest images from the Super Bowl is that uncontested hit on Brock Purdy — we all remember it.

Few defensive linemen operate with Jones' blend of physicality and explosiveness. He can manifest gaps out of thin air, able to phase between blockers or ram straight through them. The Chiefs' title odds will plummet if Jones leaves. All the pressure is on Brett Veach. If he can't reach an agreement with Jones, it could go down as the biggest blunder of his Kansas City tenure.

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